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See full size imageMBA is constantly striving to make our software better.  100% of our annual Upgrades are based on features that are required by our Customers!  That’s right..the MBA customer base virtually designs each upgrade so, upon joining the MBA family, you’ll be directly involved in deciding the future direction of the BusinessAccountingPlus (formerly Series 3) family of products.

Migrations from SERIES 2 to BusinessAccountingPlus (formerly Series 3)
Series 2 customers who have not yet upgraded to BusinessAccountingPlus, may do so by calling 1-800-431-1416 x101  to place an order.  Series 2 products are no longer supported.  A demo of BusinessAccountingPlus can also be downloaded or a copy can be mailed to you.


ODBC Driver
Our TOPSPEED data files can be directly read into any other application which has the ability to use ODBC drivers. Simply purchase the Topspeed ODBC driver and you’re on your way. You can then access your accounting data in Excel™, Access™, Crystal Reports™, and other applications which use ODBC drivers.

We have interfaced with Crystal Report Writer™ and Clarion™ to offer full service solutions for our customers’ report writing needs.

Crystal’s Report Writer™ is a powerful reporting tool that is highly recognized in our industry. It can be used to access all your MBA data files, allowing you to create customized reports. Crystal’s Report Writer™ requires an ODBC driver to access your MBA data.

The Clarion Report Writer™ by SoftVelocity is a very simple, easy to use report writer written by the makers of the development software we are using for our MBA Series 3 products. It directly reads the MBA BusinessAccountingPlus (formerly Series 3) data files without the need of the ODBC driver. It is the least expensive reporting tool, as well as the least complicated – perfect for the novice wanting to create quick reports and queries. A demo of the Clarion Report Writer™ is available at www.softvelocity.comIf you are interested in any of these report writing tools, please contact our Sales Department at (800) 431-1416 or email  more information.MICR CHECK PROCESSING
If you print checks for several different accounts, or possibly even several companies, MICR check processing may be just what you need!You can do your own MICR encoding on blank check stock. This saves you money because you don’t have to order separate check forms for each account. You can design checks (including logos) for each of your accounts. Then you print checks, which are originally created in MBA, onto blank check stock. All of the necessary information for each account prints on the blank check stock.In order to use this money-saving add-on, you will need to purchase MBA’s MICR add-on (which creates text files you can then use with your check printing software of Edubirdie), a 3rd party check printing software, a special printer for the MICR encoding (lists of acceptable printers are available) with a special toner cartridge, and blank check stock. It may sound like a lot upfront, but once you’re set up, you’ll never have to order all of those different check forms again!Call MBA today if you would like to purchase one of the above add-ons, or if you are interested in getting a custom modification bid to have one created for you.

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